What if I have changed my mind?

We want you to be happy with every purchase you make from COVA.london and confident that you will be.  If you have changed your mind before your purchase has been personalised and dispatched we will be happy to offer a refund. 8


When will I receive my order?

Making a COVA candle is a delicate and lovingly, lengthy process. Each candle is made with care and attention, personalised for you and therefore, individual.

 We aim to post all candles ordered before 11am within two working days. Delivery is within 3-5 working days.  Should you need your candle sooner please email us at sales@cova.london


Why is my candle giving off sooty black smoke?

This is usually because your wick is too long.  Make sure to snip your wick before each use to ¼ inch. 

To keep your candle burning beautifully and get the most out of your chosen scent, burn the candle for long enough for the wax to melt and pool to the edges of the glass. That will stop your candle tunnelling. For your first burn this will likely be around three to four hours, please try and do this to maximise your COVA candle.

Your candle may smoke when it is first lit but give it a little time and don’t worry it will settle when it has had a bit of time to draw the wax. 

Can I fit a slogan on my candle?

At COVA we pride ourselves on quality and design of each individually requested candle design.  Some slogan options are more suitable to a three-wick candle. COVA team will guide you through your design and contact you if we would recommend any changes.
My candle has an air bubble....
After the wax has been poured into a vessel ad cools down it shrinks slightly. This can cause the wax to pull away from the wall of the vessel. The air bubbles are very tiny but often appear larger as they are magnified through the glass.  This is natural and very common with all luxury candle brands any air bubbles will disappear when your candle is lit and warms back up.
Please don’t be concerned about this it will have no impact on the quality of burn from your candle.  A little discolouration may also occur this is due to the high-quality fragrances that we use and their ingredients. It wont have any negative impact on your candles life span or burning capability.



Please stay safe and remember when burning your candle never leave it unattended or place it in a draughty area.


We want you to be happy with your candle. If you are not for any reason please contact sales@cova.london. We develop our business on feedback so welcome your views and opinion.