X COVA London

COVA London is an expert in creating private label luxury high-end fragrance candles that are tailor-made to meet your specifications. We have an exclusive in-house team of artisans, who are adept at designing the ideal fragrance to create a memory-evoking aroma housed in an exclusive luxurious bespoke vessel.  

Milan, with her years of experience and expertise, has a keen eye for detail, and takes into consideration every aspect of the client's preferences before blending the base scents to come up with a unique personalised fragrance. Her artistic skills enable her to create luxurious candles that evoke emotions and bring memorable experiences to the clients.

We pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled custom-made service, taking care of every aspect of the process, right from fragrance selection, packaging design, and delivery. With COVA London, clients can be confident in receiving a top-quality luxury product that exceeds their expectations.