Behind the COVA Brand


‘I have had a love affair with home fragrance for many years. I'd use candles to scent the seasons - at Christmas the house would be filled with the warming fragrance of winter pine needle, and replaced with the sweet bouquet of peonies in the spring. Provoking one of our most dominant senses, the impact of fragrance is powerful at evoking a physical reaction and take you hurtling back to a place in time and a treasured memory. It can soothe or energise your mind whilst adding a heightened sense of comfort and exquisite luxury to your home.

It was during lockdown and a long period of extensive renovations on our period cottage that I had time on my hands to explore making my own candles and 
harnessing the power of fragrance for myself to create candles of quality and luxury without the guilt of the expense and the impact on the environment.

Fragrance is a deeply personal and emotional thing, and that’s lovingly
reflected in the name COVA, a marriage of two of my children’s names - Coco and Ava. I always wanted a big family, and I’m lucky enough to have inherited two gorgeous step-children, as well as having three of my own. They are my legacy, and my inspiration for wanting to create a sustainable luxury brand in COVA.

We use ethically and responsibly sourced ingredients from the UK. Our
packaging is either 100% recyclable or biodegradable and we encourage customers to join our refill revolution and treasure their beautiful glass containers to eliminate single use.

Being part of the One Tree Planted Initiative, we make a promise to plant a tree with the option for you to take part each time you make a purchase,

I hope you fall for COVA’s library of fragrances as much as I have. My inaugural collection exudes understated elegance, with clean lines and neutral tones in milky white and cool grey.  You can even personalise each one with monograms, special dates, or statements of love. And whether you’re buying as a gift, or as an expression of self-love, you can choose from a heady mix of fragrances from the uplifting Signature Rhubarb and Fresh Mint, to the deeply soothing English Lavender and Musk.