COVA at the Kit Kat Club

COVA London was thrilled to collaborate with the Kit Kat Club and has successfully released a bespoke fragrance inspired by the club's captivating performances. The fragrance manages to capture the essence of the era while also exuding luxury and sophistication.
The fragrance is a blend of myrrh, Tonka bean, amber, and whiskey, with rich and resinous base notes. The fragrance's intensity seems to take on a life of its own, transporting you to a world of cabaret, burlesque, and other delights unique to Kit Kat Club with each inhalation.
The fragrance is designed to be evocative, nostalgic and, most importantly, immersive. It's a sensory experience that stimulates the end-user's imagination and takes them on an incredible journey through time and space. Whether you're planning on visiting the club or just creating a unique ambiance at home, the fragrance is an outstanding choice.
What's truly remarkable about COVA London's fragrance for the Kit Kat Club is its multi-dimensional nature. The scent evolves over time, unveiling various layers as the day progresses. It's an incomparable experience that is sure to be treasured.

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Kathleen Maunsell-Cogley

My partner bought this for my as a gift after our second visit to the KitKat Club Cabaret. It has a beautiful, deep layered scent. Beautiful!

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