COVA London X Murano Italy

The allure of Murano glass lies in its exceptional craftsmanship, which has been handed down through multiple generations of glassmakers. This centuries-old tradition requires immense skill and precision to create the stunning and intricate designs, which are particularly popular for outside tableware and hugely current with Londons elite influencers. 

The quality of Murano glass extends to the high-quality materials used in its production. While exploring ways to collaborate, we were drawn to this aspect, and the result is the creation of exquisite COVA candles housed in Murano glass that can be repurposed once the candle is finished. This extends both the life of the candle and the memory associated with it, making it a perfect addition to any home.

The exclusivity of Murano glass has made it a symbol of luxury and a highly fashionable item. The limited production and high price tag only add to its appeal, making it a sought-after commodity. Teaming Murano glass with our COVA candles has resulted in a perfect collaboration that we are delighted to offer.

This new collection, with each piece being unique and special, brings a little bit of Italy into your home, adding to its charm and appeal.

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